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Menu:Hato sable store,Cake,Coffee

Opening hours: 9:00-19:00

Closed:Wednesday (Head Office)


Adress:2-11-19 Komachi, Kamakura-shi




Established in 1894 in Kamakura and since then, through more than 100 years, we keep making confectionery which is loved by customers. Hato sable (pigeon shaped biscuit) is the best remembered Kamakura’s confectionery and as a Japanese traditional confectioner we keep making most Kamakura-like sweets expressing the change of seasons and talking the story in Kamakura.




●Kamakura Itoko Hase store

Menu:Pumpkin Kintuba store

Opening hours: 10:30-19:30

Closed:some irregular dates


Adress:3-10-22 Hase, Kamakura-shi


Net shop:http://www.mitashizuka.com/

Food menu:English,Chinese,Korean


“Hase Main Store of Kamakura Itoko”

In the ancient city Kamakura, Hase is the only place where the old town still remains with the sea and hills
The store of “Kamakura Itoko” is on the corner of Hase Kannon intersection at the center of Hase area. It is located in front of the pedestrian crossing on the Big Buddha side of the intersection. It is on the way to Big Buddha from Hase Kannon temple.
It will be easily recognized by a Yellow store curtain on the white wall. Kintsuba (sweet bean paste confectionary) is baked on the shop front.






●Kamakura Itoko Komchi store

Menu:Pumpkin Kintuba store

Opening hours: 10:30-18:00

Closed:some irregular dates


Adress:2-9-5 Komachi, Kamakura-shi


Net shop:http://www.mitashizuka.com/

Food menu:English,Chinese,Korean


“Kamakura Itoko”

We intended to make a handy souvenir sweet with Kamakura like atmosphere. Memories of Kamakura would come up when it is eaten, with undecorated simple taste. We intended to make the sweet which could be enjoyed by the local people for the daily tea break as well.



●Sasuke store

Menu:Juice Bar, Delicateseen

Opening hours: 10:00-19:00



Adress:1-13-7 Sasuke, Kamakura-shi


Food menu:English


“Sasuke Store”

A delicious juice bar shop that makes smoothies from the seasonal vegetables harvested at Miura Peninsula.




Menu:Sweet taste

Opening hours: 11:00-17:45

Closed:Tuesday,On the third Monday


Adress:1-13-1 Sasuke, Kamakura-shi


Food menu:English,Chinese,Korean



I am handmade handmade rice balls that stuck to rice, handmade agar boiled from Amakusa, bean paste which examines a bean of red bean.

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